OTP Payment module for Magento webshop

Magento OTP module

The easiest hungarian payment system
integrated for the most popular e-commerce platform

by Youama Software youama

OTP Payment module

110 $
  • One year warranty
  • Enable-disable test-live modes
  • Customizable by admin
  • It can more currencies
  • Multi-store and multi-website compatibility
  • Compatible with more checkout modules
  • Compatible with 5 years old Magentos

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The payment process by this module

  1. The customer places an order on the Checkout of the webshop.
  2. The module computes the order and sends it to the OTP payment system.
  3. The module redirects the customer to the OTP payment user interface.
  4. The customer pays by a credit card and the OTP makes the payment transaction immediately.
  5. If the customer didn't close the browser then the Bank redirects the user back to the Magento webshop and the bank sends a message to the webshop about the status of payment.
  6. The module sends a message to the customer about status of the payment.
  7. If the customer closed the browser, the bank can't redirects the customer back to the shop and it can't notifies the customer. In this case, the scheduled process of the module synchronizes the payment statuses of the unfinished orders from the bank and it sends notifies about status of the payment.


The Youama OTP Payment module is an extension for Magento Community Edition. This module allows to pay orders by OTP Bank payment user interface. The module works by demo data, but you have to get a licence by OTP Bank for production version.